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To make it easier to choose, we've grouped popular add-ons below

Understanding your business

There is a wealth of information within your business accounting software.

Explore these add-ons to help you understand your business better.

Standard version AUD$1,200/year + GST

Powerful budgeting, cashflow forecasting and scenario modelling with flexible options

Castaway Forecasting <p>Castaway Forecasting is a powerful and flexible 3-way budgeting, forecasting and business modelling tool. Our comprehensive set of reports and fully customisable dashboards give SMEs and their business advisor the data and insights to confidently make the right business decisions.</p> <p>As the pace of change and the level of uncertainty increases, Castaway makes it easy to model the financial impacts of a whole range of scenarios, months and years in advance. Being able to model the financial impact of any decision in advance makes all the difference in successfully improving cashflow and growing business value.<p> <p>Castaway was developed as a standalone tool, giving you the flexibility to develop models completely within Castaway without needing to be linked to any accounting package. So, it's easy to model an idea for a new business, or to do due diligence on a potential acquisition. However, if you are using MYOB AccountRight, the great news is that our integration means you can import a chart of accounts and opening balances or you import actuals data each month with just a few button clicks, saving time and hassle.<p> <p>Castaway's 3-way modelling approach means you can always be certain that your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow reports are in synch. With double entry accounting logic behind every number, you can be confident that the numbers are right, every time.</p> <p>Every account (or element) you create in Castaway has its own set of independent properties, which means you can create models that are much closer to reality and so more reliable for making business decisions.</p> <p>The Castaway chart of accounts can be customised to suit your business analysis needs. Departments, subtotals and sub-sub totals are easy to create. The MYOB AccountRight integration lets you map your MYOB chart across to the Castaway chart, no matter how different they are. Our Drivers elements encourage you to bring non-financial data into your forecast to drive budget numbers and also to build custom formulas on reports to show KPIs and other important metrics.</p> <p>Our Consolidations module let you create complex consolidations across multiple entities with different charts of accounts in just a few button clicks. Eliminations, minority interest and goodwill calculations are all taken care of as well.</p> <p>There are plenty more features packed into Castaway, so we invite you to take a look for yourself. To get started with a free 30 day trial, click through to <a href="http://www.castawayforecasting.com/castaway-evaluation.php">www.castawayforecasting.com/castaway-evaluation.php</a>, or email your details to <a href="mailto:partners@castawayforecasting.com">partners@castawayforecasting.com</a></p> Powerful budgeting, cashflow forecasting and scenario modelling with flexible options forecast budgeting forecasting KPI budget

FREE - Monthly Job Budgets, Cash Flow Forecasts, Data File Consolidations & Board Reports

BudgetLink <p>Automates<br /> <ul><li>Monthly Job Budgets</li> <li>Cash Flow Forecasts</li> <li>Consolidated Financials</li> <li>Excel Board Reports</li></ul> <p>All for FREE!</p> <p><strong>Sound Familiar?</strong></p> <p>As an Adviser or Finance Manager reporting to a Board with MYOB, you have used MS Excel; either to <strong>analyse Monthly Budgets by Job or Category, Forecast Cash Flow, Consolidate Data Files or create Custom Board or Management Reports.</strong></p> <p>No doubt you would have created professional templates, amended them with new accounts or jobs, fixed broken formulas and at least once each reporting period, exported reports, copied and pasted data and checked for errors. Typically this would set you back a few hours to a few days.</p> <strong><p>Fortunately there is a way to end this insanity. It’s called BudgetLink.</p></strong> <p>Our first build in 1997 was designed to automate finance reports to exact layouts and without errors. Over the years it has gone through many innovations to become the fastest, most flexible and capable reporting add-on available.</p> <p>Every aspect of BudgetLink’s design, from the choice of Excel as its platform to its powerful function base, provides flexibility and adaptability. With BudgetLink, custom Excel report automation is fast, easy and precise while remaining interactive, reliable and easy to maintain.</p> <p>One of our reporting specialists can automate your existing Excel-based finance reports using BudgetLink or adapt one of BudgetLink’s industry-standard reports to meet your unique requirements. We can also provide training so that you can automate your own custom reports. Most people who trial it, choose BudgetLink. Experience it for yourself; we’re sure that you will be impressed by what it can do.</p> <p>There are two editions to choose from:<br /> <ul><li>The Free Edition solves the core reporting problems and is entirely free</li> <li>The Ultimate edition solves the more specialized reporting problems</li></ul></p> <p>Features included in the Free Edition:<br /> <ul><li>Monthly Job Budget Analysis</li> <li>Cash Flow Forecasting</li> <li>Consolidated P&amp;L, Balance Sheet &amp; Cash Flow</li> <li>Automate Custom Excel Reports</li></ul></p> <p>Features included in the Ultimate Edition:</p> <ul><li>Drilldown to Transactions</li> <li>Multiple Budget Versions</li> <li>Weekly Budgeting and Reporting</li> <li>Cash Basis Reporting</li> <li>Alternate Account Hierarchies</li> <li>Alternate Job Headers</li> <li>Statement of Cash Flows (Operating / Investing / Financing)</li> <li>and more…</li></ul> <p>All editions of BudgetLink work with:<br /> <ul><li>MYOB AccountRight Classic (19.9 or lower)</li> <li>MYOB AccountRight Live (desktop, server and cloud-based)</li></ul></p> FREE - Monthly Job Budgets, Cash Flow Forecasts, Data File Consolidations & Board Reports excel budgets reports
125 per month

Ideal for those with complex reporting needs

Calxa Premier <p>Calxa Premier is designed for Not-for-Profits and Businesses with complex budgeting requirements. It allows easy reporting at job and category levels producing professional reports and charts that are simple to understand. Calxa was recognised by MYOB for developing outstanding software and by the <a href="http://www.calxa.com.au/news/calxa-honoured-in-national-innovation-awards?partner_id=962">national iAwards</a> for innovation in technology.</p> <h2>Budgets in a Flash</h2> <ul> <li>Create, manage and report on budgets by job or category</li> <li>Use Wizards to quickly create budgets for multiple jobs based on previous year actuals or budgets</li> <li>Import existing budgets from spreadsheets</li> <li>Maintain multiple budget versions such as 'Approved Budgets’, ‘Current Forecast’, ‘What If Scenarios’’</li> <li>Prepare budgets for up to 10 years ahead</li> <li>Report across financial years</li> <li>Unlike spreadsheets there is a structure to the Calxa budget; no danger of inadvertently overwriting a formula or making an error in a formula</li> </ul> <h2>Cashflow Forecasting Made Easy</h2> <ul> <li>Prepare cashflow forecasts quickly and easily</li> <li>Fine tune your projections for various scenarios</li> <li>Include Balance Sheet movements in your forecasts</li> </ul> <h2>Benchmark Performance with KPIs</h2> <ul> <li><a href="http://www.calxa.com.au/news/kpis-are-here?partner_id=962">Run standard KPIs</a> such as Debt Ratio, Inventory Turnover Days, Working Capital Ratio, Wages to Turnover and many more</li> <li>Or simply create your own KPI calculation</li> </ul> <h2>Board-ready Reporting</h2> <ul> <li>Choose from over 40 <a href="http://www.calxa.com.au/sample-reports/myob-promo/sample-reports?partner_id=962">standard templates</a></li> <li>Or just customise an individual report to suit your needs</li> <li>Use Calxa’s unique <a href="http://www.calxa.com.au/software-updates/account-trees?partner_id=962">Account Trees </a>to show multiple views of your accounts making grant acquittals and board reporting easy</li> </ul> <h2>Learning about Calxa Premier</h2> <ol> <li>Download a <a href="http://www.calxa.com.au/free-trial/register?partner_id=962">free trial </a> for a hands-on evaluation</li> <li>Watch the <a href="http://www.calxa.com.au/training-videos/premier-support-videos/support-videos?partner_id=962">training videos</a> on the Calxa website</li> <li>Read the <a href="http://www.calxa.com.au/support-notes/premier?partner_id=962">support notes</a> and FAQs at <a href="http://www.calxa.com.au/?partner_id=962">www.calxa.com.au</a></li> <li>Join our regular <a href="http://www.calxa.com.au/premier-support/calxa-club?partner_id=962">Calxa Club </a> meetings around the country</li> <li>Talk to us on 1800 733 149</li> </ol> Ideal for those with complex reporting needs reports

Get 5 simple business actions delivered direct to you

5Things - simple business tips <p>Wouldn't it be great if your accounting tool reminded you of business activity you or your clients needed to do? Maybe something like:</p> <blockquote> <p>"You have a GST payment due in two weeks (right now your payment is $1,245.95). However you currently only have $634.22 in the bank. If you collect the $825.44 outstanding on Jack's Invoice you'll have enough to pay your GST bill"</p> </blockquote> <p>Well, <strong>5Things</strong> is exactly that, a great service that creates simple actions from MYOB accounting information. It's really simple and helpful and you could try it out right now for free:<br /><br /> <a href="https://app.todays5things.com/login/myob" class="btn btn-success btn-lg btn-block" onclick="_add_on_ga('send', 'event', 'addon-details', 'inDescriptionFreeNow-btn', '142 (todays5things)');_add_on_ga('devTracker.send', 'event', 'myob-addon-event', 'myob-listing-inDescriptionFreeNow-btn', 'todays5things');" >Try 5Things <strong>free</strong> on your MYOB file now</a> </p> <h2>Introducing 5Things</h2> <p>We've built <a href="http://www.todays5things.com/">5Things</a> to be a companion solution to your current bookkeeper or consultant. <strong>5Things</strong> will review your MYOB accounts every night and prepare a set of recommendations for you.</p> <p>These recommendations will help you with:</p> <ul> <li>understanding your outstanding customer invoices</li> <li>cash flow management, should you pay GST or this supplier</li> <li>business administration, you've bank statements that need reconciled</li> </ul> <p>We know this information is already in your MYOB accounts, 5Things however brings this information to light each and every day - with 5 simple recommendations to help you.</p> <h3>Example recommendations</h3> <blockquote> <p>"You have 23 outstanding items to reconcile from your bank statement. How about setting aside 10 mins today to knock those off."</p> </blockquote> <blockquote> <p>"You should call Josh as he owes you $10,000 from 5 invoices, one of which has been outstanding for 68 days"</p> </blockquote> <blockquote> <p>"Looks like you'll be running low on stock of 'Blue Coffee Mugs' this week. Last time you ordered 1,500 from 'Coffee Mugs Unlimited' you may want to call Gregg and order some more"</p> </blockquote> <h2>Get started for free right now</h2> <p>We are launching <a href="http://www.todays5things.com/">5Things</a> <strong>100% free</strong>. What's more, there is <strong>no</strong> need to <a href="https://app.todays5things.com/login/myob">register with 5Things</a>. You simply <a href="https://app.todays5things.com/login/myob">login with your my.myob</a> details and 5Things takes care of the rest.</p> <p>You can start right now by <a href="https://app.todays5things.com/login/myob">clicking the get started for free</a> button below, you'll be asked to sign in and then 5Things will take you through a very short 6 questions to setup delivery (</em> like your name, your preferred time of delivery, and the type of business</em> ) and within 2 minutes your first set of recommendations will be in your in-box.</p> <p> <a href="https://app.todays5things.com/login/myob" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block" onclick="_add_on_ga('send', 'event', 'addon-details', 'inDescriptionFreeNow-btn', '142 (todays5things)');_add_on_ga('devTracker.send', 'event', 'myob-addon-event', 'myob-listing-inDescriptionFreeNow-btn', 'todays5things');" >Get started <strong>free</strong> right now</a> </p> <style> blockquote { border-left-color: #85AB46; border-left-style: solid; border-left-width: 5px; border-top-right-radius: 6px; border-bottom-right-radius: 6px; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); display: block; line-height: 20px; margin-bottom: 25px; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 5px; padding-bottom: 10px; padding-left: 15px; padding-right: 0px; padding-top: 10px; background-color: #F9F9F9; } blockquote p { color: rgb(51, 51, 51); display: block; font-weight: 200 !important; font-size: 20px !important; line-height: 28px !important; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 0px; padding: 0; } </style> Get 5 simple business actions delivered direct to you

Around the business

Sometimes you just need a helping hand in your business, to chase up outstanding invoices, to manage expenses or to run a report.

Explore some add-ons to help you with these tasks today.

Prices start from $39.95/month

Automated Cash Flow Projections with WHAT IF to Collect Overdue Cash sooner

Cerebiz Cash <style type="text/css"> body,td,th { font-family: Calibri, Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif; } </style> <p><strong>Cerebiz Cash : More Cash and Less Stress</strong></p> <ul> <li>Automatically produce Cash Flow Projection for more proactive and improved cash management</li> <li>Do WHAT IF on Debtor Days KPI to instantly reveal overdue invoices to be actioned for collection<br> </li> <li>Collect overdue cash / obtain promises to pay using automated follow up process to collect cash sooner <br> </li> <li>Automatically include ‘promises to pay’ in Cash Flow Projection to improve reliability of projections<br> </li> </ul> Automated Cash Flow Projections with WHAT IF to Collect Overdue Cash sooner reporting Cerebiz business intelligence budgeting forecasting bi
from $15/month

Fathom reports take your reports to bold new levels

Fathom <h3>Features and benefits</h3> <p>Fathom lets you import data from MYOB, categorise your accounts in a few clicks, and then immediately view an analysis.</p><p>Fathom then provides a comprehensive framework of financial and non-financial performance analysis tools, including KPI analysis, Profitability analysis, Cash Flow analysis, Growth analysis, Goalseek analysis, ‘What-if’ analysis, Trend analysis, Benchmark analysis + more</p> <h3>Who is it for?</h3> <p>Fathom is useful for accountants who are seeking to deliver more engaging advisory and management reporting services. Fathom is also useful for business owners who wish to make better decisions and improve company performance. Fathom also enables franchisors to benchmark and compare the performance of franchisees.</p> <h3>Key Benefits</h3> <br> <p><strong>For Management:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Track, understand, and improve KPIs</li> <li>Improve management oversight & decision making</li> <li>Achieve optimal business results</li> <li>Generate greater shareholder returns</li> </ul> <p><strong>For advisors:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Stand out from the crowd</li> <li>Proactively engage your clients</li> <li>Efficiently create performance focused reports</li> <li>Win new clients</li> </ul> <p><strong>For franchises:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Compare performance of franchisees</li> <li>Identify high performers and best practices</li> <li>Enable more frequent & more accurate benchmarking</li> <li>Increase benchmark participations</li> </ul> <p><a href="http://www.fathomhq.com/events">Learn more in our weekly webinars</a></p> Fathom reports take your reports to bold new levels reporting
From $20

Reports, Charts, Dashboards, Visualisations, Email Notifications & Alerts

Business Intelligence for MYOB <h3>Overview</h3> <ul> <li>Prebuilt reports for Jobs, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Inventory, Sales and Purchasing</li> <li>50+ Favourite Reports out-of-the-box</li> <li>Design <strong><em>your own</em></strong> Dashboards and Visualisations for an overall view of your business</li> <li>Analyse extra dimensions including Ship To Address, Category, Custom Lists, Custom Fields and more</li> <li>Auto Email reports and create Alerts for when exceptions occur in your business</li> <li>Access reports via your web browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet or iPad</li> </ul> <h3>Features and benefits</h3> <ul> <li>Analyse, Chart, Pivot, Compare, Visualise and drill-down in just a few clicks</li> <li>Change report dimensions, charts, date ranges, periods, sorting, subtotalling and filters</li> <li>Maintain what reports users access reports and data they see</li> <li>Create new Favourite Reports to expand your report library</li> <li>Export reports to Excel</li> </ul> <h3>Who is it for?</h3> <ul> <li><strong>Real businesses</strong> wanting to get a lot more from their MYOB</li> <li><strong>Business owners</strong> who want up-to-date visibility into their business</li> <li><strong>Sales and marketing</strong> teams needing a deeper understanding of their customers, market segments, brand and salesperson performance</li> <li><strong>Purchasing managers</strong> needing the tools to instantly know what inventory is selling and how much is on hand at each location</li> <li><strong>Accountants</strong> who want to keep using MYOB when the business grows</li> <li><strong>IT departments</strong> who are wasting time extracting data and writing reports for end users</li> </ul> Reports, Charts, Dashboards, Visualisations, Email Notifications & Alerts reports ship to reporting report writer custom list custom field dashboards

Selling online

Today it's easier than ever to sell your products and items online. We have a great collection of add-ons who can help you with this.


Sell online with bigcommerce.com with Web Ninja

Bigcommerce - Web Ninja <p>Start selling online today using <strong>bigcommerce.com</strong> for quick easy ecommerce.</p> <p>Web Ninja makes connecting Bigcommerce.com to MYOB AccountRight a breeze, meaning you no longer have to maintain products in two places. </p> <p>Any product update in AccountRight is automatically sync'd to bigcommerce, while any sale in bigcommerce is automatically pushed back to AccountRight. Setup once, and there is no more double data entry needed.</p> <p>Get started today.</p> Sell online with bigcommerce.com with Web Ninja
Prices start from $4,800ex Once Off plus $225ex per month (including Telephone Support)

Let MYOB be the driver of your eCommerce website, with comprehensive 7 point integration

Straightsell <p>Straightsell can integrate with your existing MYOB accounting system.<br> <br> MYOB integration is crucial for organisations where ongoing website maintenance has become (or is likely to become) a full time job.<br> <br> MYOB integration is ideal for customers that:</p> <ul> <li>Require a large product catalogue? Do you already have your products and product descriptions in MYOB? Want to re-create this for your website?</li> <li>Require customer special pricing? Want your customer to see their buy price and have already configured special pricing for order entry in MYOB? Want to re-create this pricing matrix again for your website?</li> <li>Want customer Invoices displayed on the website? Want to receive payments against Invoice from your website?</li> <li>Have a volume of web orders? Are you manually entering web orders into MYOB today? Or do you expect to receive a high volume of web orders? Do you have data entry issues today?</li> <li>Have a volume of web orders, and every order is paid by Credit card?</li> </ul> <p>Typically, integration is a key requirement for wholesale business to business (B2B) websites or for high volume retail (B2C) website.<br> <br> Essentially, accounting system integration saves time - you won't be paying someone to do data entry!<br> <br> Accounting system integration is delivered by our CatalogueLINK application. CatalogueLINK is installed in your office on a pc or server or on your Virtual Private Server (VPS) with access to your MYOB database. CatalogueLINK effectively manages the integration between MYOB and your Straightsell website and vice versa. </p> Let MYOB be the driver of your eCommerce website, with comprehensive 7 point integration websites

Sell online with Shopify.com with Web Ninja

Shopify - Web Ninja <p>Start selling online today using <strong>shopify.com</strong> for quick easy ecommerce.</p> <p>Web Ninja makes connecting Shopify.com to MYOB AccountRight a breeze, meaning you no longer have to maintain products in two places. </p> <p>Any product update in AccountRight is automatically sync'd to Shopify, while any sale in Shopify is automatically pushed back to AccountRight. Setup once, and there is no more double data entry needed.</p> <p>Get started today.</p> Sell online with Shopify.com with Web Ninja
$29.95 per month for 100 products, $49.95 per month for 500 products, $69.95 per month for unlimited products

E-commerce stores for automatic connection to MYOB

Netfira Shop <p>Netfira Shop is a complete e-commerce and CMS environment for MYOB Users.</p> <p>Some of the features include:</p> <ul> <li>Full online shopping system. </li> <li>Automatic syncing with MYOB inventory and customers </li> <li>Automatic order insertion back into MYOB </li> <li>Support for customer or volume discounts direct from MYOB </li> <li>Payment methods include PayPal, eWAY, Pay Corp and others</li> <li>All major courier companies and best prices for shipping via Temando integration </li> <li>Compound product builder - e.g. add colours, sizes etc to a product </li> <li>5 page CMS with WYSIWYG editor </li> <li>Full look and feel control</li> <li>Use your own domain name </li> <li>All hosting included</li></ul> <p>With Netfira's OmniShop feature, it's possible to add a Netfira Shop system to almost any website with nothing more than a copy and paste operation.</p> <p>A small handful of the web environments OmniShop is compatible with include:</p> <ul><li>Wordpress </li> <li>Joomla! </li> <li>Drupal </li> <li>Abobe Business Catalyst (BC) </li> <li>Sensis SiteSmart </li> <li>Sitefinity </li> <li>Most hand built websites</li></ul> <p>In addition, Netfira Shop can put an MYOB connected e-commerce system on any Facebook with only a few clicks.</p> <p>Users can choose between a number of colour schemes and upload their logos for an easy setup. For more advanced users, there are menu driven colour and style controls and for web developers it's possible to upload your own styles (CSS files) or even override the current look and feel via JavaScript.</p> <p>Netfira Shop also features support for mobile devices. This can be used with in conjunction with Netfira Shop's ""Rep mode"" for an ideal in the field ordering solution.</p> <p>EDI functionality is provided via Ariba PunchOut! compliance.</p> E-commerce stores for automatic connection to MYOB inventory webstore web services e-commerce marketplace

Invoices, paper & expenses

Feeling overwhelmed with paper? Receipts and paper invoices can accumulate very quickly.

MYOB and our add-ons can help automate data collection from paper and improve the process of getting the important information into your accounting software.

Explore some add-ons to help you get the paper under control today.


Simply import sales invoices and customer payments from CSV files into AccountRight Live

TransPost Express <h3>Now you can import invoices and customer payments into AccountRight Live</h3> <p> Using TransPost Express you can directly import from CSV or tab-delimited files from a variety of sources</p> <ul><li>Download sales data from your e-commerce web site</li> <li>Use output from your Job Management, Sales or Order Management system</li> <li>Export data as CSV from Excel or MS Access.</li> </ul> <h3>Flexible</h3> <p>TransPost Express fills in defaults and extends amounts such as line total and GST. As long as your file contains at least a customer name or CardID column and item number and quantity for each line you can set up a mapping that will import item sales. <p>Imports from a wide range of .csv and tab-delimited files. Define mappings to suit your data files and save them for future use. Import the fields you require. Set default values for use where data is not in the input.</p> <h3>Free trial. Give it a go!</h3> <strong>Download <a href=""http://www.transpost.com.au/express.php"">TransPost Express</a> now and try it out.</strong> <p>Note: We do not require any financial details. Just register and use it free for 30 days from the installation date. If you are happy with it and want to continue after 30 days pay then. <h3>Data types imported</h3> TransPost Express can import these data types into AccountRight Live. <ul><li>Customer cards </li> <li>Sales</li> <ul><li>Item Invoices</li> <li>Service Invoices</li> <li>Professional Invoices</li> <li>Miscellaneous Invoices</li> </ul> <li>Customer Payments</li> </ul> <strong>More information and download at <a href=""http://www.transpost.com.au/express.php"">www.transpost.com.au</a>. Try it free.</strong> Simply import sales invoices and customer payments from CSV files into AccountRight Live import csv

Invitbox eliminates data-entry and paper from your Accounts Payable process.

Invitbox <h3>Invitbox - Accounts Payable Processing made simple.</h3> <p>Invitbox is the world’s first online automatic data-extraction mailbox for receipt, approval and storage of supplier bills.</p> <p>Based in Sydney (but working in the cloud) invitbox allows you to receive and process your supplier bills without handling paper, and without any data entry. For good measure, invitbox then stores the bills it exports into MYOB in an intuitive online filing cabinet for the regulatory period. Say goodbye to paper, data-entry and filing cabinets. Slash the cost of your Accounts Payable processing.</p> <p>Simply get your supplier bills emailed into ""yourco""@invitbox.com and within seconds the bill and the data will be presented to you for approval and export into MYOB.</p> <p>Change the way you do things.</p> Invitbox eliminates data-entry and paper from your Accounts Payable process.
From $250 per month

Dataline’s Invoice Automation services that automates the accounts payable process for you

Invoice Automation Service <p>Dataline has an easy-to-implement cloud-based automation add-on for MYOB™ AccountRight users. It’s ideal for organisations processing 100 invoices a month or more that need approval by multiple managers. It enables invoice approval wherever your managers are, with only one set of master accounts for them to access. Highly flexible invoice uploading means the system accepts electronic invoices, scanned documents and even paper documents.</p> <p>Our Invoice Automation Service can alleviate these costly and time consuming day to day processes.<br /> <ul><li>Process any invoice format: email, scan, paper </li> <li>Avoid setting up and managing templates for different invoice formats</li> <li>No data entry required even if delivered by post</li> <li>Use a MFD/photocopier to send documents</li> <li>Manage invoice approvals and exceptions in the cloud</li> <li>Remote authorisation of invoices from any device (including smartphones)</li> <li>Electronic document storage of invoices</li> <li>All invoices are 100% correct and automatically uploaded into MYOB</li> Dataline’s Invoice Automation services that automates the accounts payable process for you

Shoeboxed scans and organises your receipts, invoices and documents securely online.

Shoeboxed <p>Shoeboxed scans and organises your receipts, invoices and documents securely online. Shoeboxed extracts the data from the pages, email attachments, and photos to then human-verify the key fields required for your accounting and taxes. </p> <p>Shoeboxed is your extra set of hands for data entry, reconciling, filing, organising and more. Just send in receipts and documents by post with our reply-paid Magic Envelopes, mobile apps, email, scanner or upload to eliminate the headache of processing the dreaded ‘shoebox of receipts’.</p> <p>With convenient integrations with the major accounting platforms, it is easy to import existing chart of accounts, create custom rules for easy bulk categorisation, and export transactions for easy reconciliation and source document affiliation. Shoeboxed provides you with an ATO registered and compliant archive that is completely searchable and secure!</p> Shoeboxed scans and organises your receipts, invoices and documents securely online. shoeboxed

Trades & Construction

Wouldn't it be great to know how much you made on your last job? Need to manage your jobs, staff or vehicles?

Maybe you want to know how much stock you've got in your van with the click of a mouse?

With our Trade & Construction add-ons you can do all this and more

$20 per user / per month

Cloud based job management, invoicing and quoting for trade and service businesses

SmartJobs <p>Does invoicing take the majority of your time and resources?</p> <p>Is pressure building up for you to work smarter not harder?</p> <p>With SmartJobs, you can get ahead, reduce pressure & eliminate paperwork!</p> <p>Take control of your entire invoicing process by going paperless with SmartJobs. Log time and materials on the job, then convert to an invoice with a single click. Prepare quotes, submit for approval, then convert to an invoice. Whichever way you choose to work, SmartJobs guarantees a more efficient and productive invoicing process.</p> <p>Get on top of job scheduling and clearly see what’s on each day, with our drag and drop appointment scheduler. Dispatch jobs to the right people by knowing where your workers are using GPS Tracking. Keep your workers notified of job changes instantly with job notifications. No more scrambling to see who is available to action the next job!</p> <p>Designed for mobile service businesses, SmartJobs starts working from the time you book the job through to invoicing. It doesn’t stop there because SmartJobs synchronises invoices, payments, customers and inventory with MYOB AccountRight Live for an end to end solution, keeping your books in order the easy way!</p> <p>Get work out the door and money in the door quicker with SmartJobs.</p> <h2>Some of our features:</h2> <ul> <li>Job Management</li> <li>Invoicing</li> <li>Quoting & Estimating</li> <li>Scheduling and Dispatch</li> <li>Timesheets</li> <li>Materials</li> <li>Mobile Apps</li> <li>GPS Tracking</li> <li>Supplier Price Books</li> <li>Photos</li> <li>Signatures</li> </ul> <p>Plans start from $20 per month. There’s no signup fees, no contracts and no surprises. Start your FREE 30-day trial today.</p> Cloud based job management, invoicing and quoting for trade and service businesses
First 20 jobs a month FREE then 50c a job

Smart job management for small business, create quotes and invoices on the go.

ServiceM8 <p>ServiceM8 is job management in the cloud for your computer, iPhone and iPad. Stay in control from quoting through to job completion and invoicing. Work smarter with real-time information on jobs and staff locations. ServiceM8 is used by everyone in your business, from field and office staff to management. It is simple and effective, it's available anywhere, anytime and best of all it integrates seamlessly with MYOB.</p> <p>No lock in contracts, simply pay per job with the first 20 jobs every month free. Getting started is easy, with no software or hardware to purchase, you'll book your first job in minutes - with immediate benefits.</p> <p>“Whoever claims ‘there aren’t enough hours in the day’ needs ServiceM8 because my business is more efficient and more profitable than ever.” Dean Phillips Manager of Podger Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration.</p> Smart job management for small business, create quotes and invoices on the go. ipad jobs
From $15 ea/mth up to 10 staff, $10 ea > 10

Timesheets, schedules, plan & manage projects, invoicing. For professional services firms.

Abtrac <p>Abtrac is used extensively by <ul><li>Architects, interior designers and architectural designers</li> <li>Accountants and bookkeepers</li> <li>Consultants</li> <li>Cost estimators (quantity surveyors)</li> <li>Engineers of all professional disciplines</li> <li>Land surveyors</li> <li>Planners</li> <li>Project managers</li></ul></p> <p>and many other professional services firms.</p> <p>Abtrac eliminates errors and inefficiencies that cost you time and money. It's simple, the more you know about each of your projects, the better you can manage them.</p> <p>Abtrac tracks clients, sub-consultants, projects, stages, fee estimates, employees, timesheets, disbursements, and everything else from the initial enquiry through to the final invoice.</p> <ul><li>Quickly review actual vrs budget by project to help you better manage this one and the next one</li> <li>Reduce write offs, correctly bill for variations, and make staff more aware of the value of their time</li> <li>Reduce endless paperwork and throw away your confusing and complicated spreadsheets</li> <li>Eliminate the inefficiencies and pressure at month end with all your data in one place</li></ul> <p>It's the quality of information Abtrac delivers that sets us apart - streamlined and industry specific reports. More just a software company we speak your language and understand your business. And our support and follow up is second to none. </p> Timesheets, schedules, plan & manage projects, invoicing. For professional services firms.

Look no further. The most powerful cloud job management system available today!

NextMinute <p>Very easy to use, native apps for all devices. Scheduling, jobs, tasks, estimates, quotes, invoices, supplier invoices & so much more. </p> <p>NextMinute integrates seemlessly with MYOB Essentials by allowing you to sync job or task specific invoices with the push of a button. You can also sync your contacts from MYOB Essentials. When an invoice is synced, if the customer record does not exist, then NextMinute will create a contact record in MYOB for you. Similarly the material items included in each invoice are synced with MYOB so you can track what items you've sold.</p> <p>With this integration you will be able to see exactly what invoices you've done, which have been sent to your customers and which ones have been synced with MYOB.</p> <p>The syncing process can be done whenever you send an invoice to a customer or manually by click the 'sync' button. It's that easy!</p> Look no further. The most powerful cloud job management system available today!


Need help managing your staff rosters, ensuring your sales are correct and getting orders to the kitchen?

With our Hospitality add-ons you can manage your rosters, run payroll and manage invoices and orders easily. Leaving you to create amazing food and serve the best coffee

paid plans from $50/month

Online Point of Sale “POS” that integrates with your entire business.

MYOB Kounta <p><a href="http://www.myob.com/myobkounta">MYOB Kounta</a> is more than just a store register, it integrates your point of sale with your entire business in one powerful online platform.</p> <p>Whether you’re new to retail or hospitality or already have an existing system in place, <a href="http://www.myob.com/myobkounta">MYOB Kounta</a> is the simplest and easiest way to manage a busy hospitality or retail environment.</p> <p>To get up-to-date sales data, an idea of how much stock is in the back, or see how much wastage you have – all you need to do is talk to <a href="http://www.myob.com/myobkounta">MYOB Kounta</a>.</p> <h2>Why you'll love it!</h2> <ul class="kounta"> <li> A single, scalable and adaptable POS platform</li> <li> Integration with MYOB AccountRight & MYOB Essentials</li> <li> Easy to set up and go</li> <li> Both online and offline access</li> <li> Adapts to how you want to work</li> <li> Real-time reports at your fingertips</li> <li> Provide outstanding customer service</li> <li> Run on your existing hardware</li> <li> Easy to switch from your existing POS</li> </ul> <h2>Top Features:</h2> <ul class="kounta"> <li> A customisable sales screen so you can set it up exactly as you want</li> <li> Still updates orders when you're offline and updates totals when you're back online</li> <li> Allow split payments, part payments, layby, and on-account sales</li> <li> Accept two or more payment types ina single transaction if customers need to split between cash and card</li> <li> Manage an unlimited number of products, customers, or users</li> <li> Use a USB device or Bluetooth barcode scanner to add products to sales, purchase orders and stock-takes</li> <li> Quickly complete full or partial stock-takes</li> <li> Build and manage customer lists including a full history of purchases</li> </ul> <p><a href="https://store.myob.com.au/pages/cart.aspx?action=Purchase&ProductId=1-1Z9RZ03">Try MYOB Kounta for free now</a> and buy later!<br />Get up and running quickly with the <strong>FREE Lite plan</strong> that allows up to 10 transactions a day on one register.</p> <p>No contracts or obligations. Scale up or down as much as you like from month to month.</p> <p><a href="https://store.myob.com.au/pages/cart.aspx?action=Purchase&ProductId=1-1Z9RZ03" class="btn btn-success btn-lg btn-block" onclick="_add_on_ga('send', 'event', 'addon-details', 'inDescriptionFreeNow-btn', '95 (MYOB Kounta)');" >Try our free lite plan today</a></p> <style> ul.kounta li { margin-bottom: 2px !important; } </style> Online Point of Sale “POS” that integrates with your entire business. inventory Retail reporting customers sales Point of sale POS mobile

Point of sale keypad software for franchisors and corporate retail chains.

Drone - Keypad Software <p>Drone has been designed to perfectly compliment the HiveMind management and reporting system and allows seamless integration between each point of sale terminal on your network and HiveMind. The software is highly configurable; you choose exactly what is displayed on each page of the terminal including all products, function keys, cash and more. Every aspect from where your category keys lie down to the button size/colour is user configurable using HiveMind. Sales data captured through Drone can be exported to MYOB with the click of a button using the HiveMind point of sale management system.</p> Point of sale keypad software for franchisors and corporate retail chains. Franchisor Franchisee POS Franchise Retail. Point of Sale
$1/employee/week + $25/location/week

Time & Attendance tool turning payroll chaos into clockwork

Tanda <div class="col-md-3 col-sm-3 col-xs-3 well pull-right"> <p style="margin-bottom: 5px;">Tanda comes with a <strong>free time clock</strong> to make check in for your staff a breeze</p> <a href="https://www.tanda.co/timeclocks" class="btn btn-success">Learn more</a> </div> <p>Tanda <strong>eliminates paper timesheets</strong>. Install a Tanda time clock in your business so staff can clock in and out of work instantly. The time clock creates accurate <strong>timesheets in the cloud</strong>, interprets your modern award or EBA (including <strong>overtime and penalty rates</strong>) instantly, and exports <strong>direct to MYOB payroll</strong>.</p> <p>Here's how Tanda can save you time and money in your business!</p> <ol class="tanda"> <li><strong>Install a Tanda Time Clock</strong>. Remember old fashioned bundy clocks? We're bringing them to the 21st century. With Tanda, staff tap in a four digit passcode to clock in. The time clock has built in photo verification, making buddy punching and time theft a thing of the past! <a href="https://www.tanda.co/timeclocks" target="_blank">Click here to try clocking in</a></li> <li><strong>See your timesheets in the cloud</strong>. Tanda time clocks push data to the cloud instantly, generating timesheets in real time. This way you always can see exactly when your staff worked and how much it cost. Cool features like notifications and rollcalls give great insights on this real time data. <a href="https://www.tanda.co/cloud-timesheets" target="_blank">Click here to check out a cloud timesheet</a></li> <li><strong>Rostering in the cloud</strong>. Design your rosters in the cloud using our drag and drop editor. Get accurate shift costs (which you can compare to your timesheets!) then send your rosters to staff by email or SMS. You can even colour code your shifts. <a href="https://www.tanda.co/freerosters" target="_blank">Click here to create a roster</a></li> <li><strong>Instant award interpretation &amp; wage calculation</strong>. Sick of adding up penalty rates and figuring out overtime rules? We were, so we build the Tanda Award Interpreter. Get a grip on staff costs based on your Modern Award or EBA and take the confusion out of running an accurate payroll. <a href="https://www.tanda.co/industryawards" target="_blank">Click here to see it in action</a>.</li> <li><strong>One click MYOB integration</strong>. Tanda's collected your timesheet data. You've approved your timesheets and seen your award rules applied automatically. What's next? Export it to MYOB Payroll with just a click. You'll wonder how you ever did payroll without it. <a href="https://www.tanda.co/myob" target="_blank">Click here to learn more</a></li> </ol> <h2>Customer Testimonials</h2> <blockquote> <p>Phil Calcutt, managing director of Pizza Capers, said Tanda was “<strong>the best business decision we made in 2013</strong>” after using it to visualise staff costs across 15 stores <br /><small><a href="https://www.tanda.co/franchise-time-and-attendance" target="_blank">Read Phil's Tanda testimonial</a></small></p> </blockquote> <blockquote> <p>Jared Fullinfaw from The Print Bar called Tanda <strong>#thebest</strong> after using it to automate payroll <br /><small><a href="https://www.tanda.co/manufacturing-warehouse-employee-time-clocks" target="_blank">Read Jared's Tanda testimonial</a></small></p> </blockquote> <p style="margin-top: 25px">Ready to get started? <a href="https://www.tanda.co/try?start=1" target="_blank">Click here to take a walkthrough of Tanda</a> and start your free trial, and you can get started with a Tanda Time Clock today! Then, <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNdxQgd0rZc" target="_blank">watch this video about saying goodbye to paper timesheets</a>.</p> <style> ol.tanda li { margin-top: 13px; margin-bottom: 12px; } blockquote { border-left-color: rgb(238, 238, 238); border-left-style: solid; border-left-width: 5px; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); display: block; height: 42px; line-height: 20px; margin-bottom: 25px; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 5px; padding-bottom: 10px; padding-left: 15px; padding-right: 0px; padding-top: 10px; } blockquote p { color: rgb(51, 51, 51); display: block; font-weight: 300; height: 22px; line-height: 21.875px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 0px; } blockquote small { color: rgb(153, 153, 153); display: block; font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; height: 20px; line-height: 14px; } </style> <!-- LIVECHAT --> <script type="text/javascript"> var __lc = {}; __lc.license = 3472862; __lc.params = [{name: 'Ext-Source', value: 'MYOB'}]; (function() { var lc = document.createElement('script'); lc.type = 'text/javascript'; lc.async = true; lc.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 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Pricing Starts from $120 per month

The Complete Kitchen Manager

Cooking the Books As we all know not too many Chef’s get their kicks from serving up numbers and food cost percentages and managing a kitchen is no easy task!!</p> We have designed a software program to give chefs and businesses the financial control and consistency they want. Our success is seeing your business profit.</p> Cooking the Books is a web based computer program that links into your accounting software and has been designed to generate food costs, stock control, order sheets, recipe cards, sales revenue, electronic ordering, invoicing etc., creating a food based operational management system for the Hospitality Industry. The complete kitchen manager. The Complete Kitchen Manager hospitality data entry web based food costs live time reporting kitchen budget