Will your business evolve or become extinct?

The world turns fast these days, and in business we are continually faced with changing landscapes. New technologies, regulations, and global competition — just to name a few —present challenges and opportunities to keep our business up to date and relevant.…

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The Accounting Journal: Accounting Software Grows Up

Part 4 of MYOB’s 6-part series on the history of accounting – from its origins to today, and beyond. Check out Part 3 here.

As we showed last week, the era of accounting software arguably began in 1955 with the first privately-owned Univac 1 handling payroll

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Document security for the trustworthy accountant

It will come as no surprise to you (though you may be a tad flattered) that accountants are recognised as among the most trustworthy of Australian professionals. In fact the recent Roy Morgan Image of Professions Survey 2015 finds accountants ranked a respectable number 11 (a bit

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