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Monday 27th April

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    MYOB Logins

    One login to rule them all with MYOB Logins

    Are you using MYOB Accountants Office or Accountants Enterprise in your practice? There's a rather exciting addition to the software that I think will make your business life just that teeny bit more easier! Introducing MYOB Logins We’re connecting our various products and services under a single-sign-in called MYOB Logins. Why? To make it easier for your MYOB practice software to talk to our cloud-based products and services. What will MYOB Logins do for you? In the short term, it offers added convenience. Once you're logged into your practice software, you can switch seamlessly into Essentials, AccountRight and so on. More importantly …

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    4 reasons you’re going to love SuperStream

    As an employer, when the quarterly deadline for paying your employees’ super guarantee rolls around again, you’ll find yourself in that super paying routine, you know the one where you deal with multiple funds who all have different payment and reporting methods: There’s got to be an easier way. Well, there is. The ATO’s new SuperStream program has been introduced to make paying and reporting on super easier for employers. When do you need to be compliant with the Superstream requirements? How will Superstream make life easier for you? Deal with a single channel, not multiple funds No need to remember which …

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    Small business and the triple bottom line

    Traditionally a business is measured in purely financial terms or by its economic performance — a successful business generates sufficient returns from its operations and investments, and one that does not! While profitability is the primary aim of most small ventures, there is much to be said for considering a “triple bottom line” approach to business. Through considering the impact of your business on the people you interact with and on the local community and environment, there may be greater longer-term benefits for all parties — including increases in profit! Think “people, planet and profit!” The term “tri …

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    Common small business mistakes you should avoid

    It is so exciting running your own business. When you first start up, you have dreams of making the big time. But as time goes on, you may discover that although you have the passion, the energy runs out quickly when each day provides the next challenge. Don’t let these common mistakes keep you down. Avoid them, and get your business back on track. Failing to plan The saying is true: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is a big problem for many small businesses. If you don’t have goals and specific plans on how to get the business where it needs to be, you will be distracted by every detour along the road and your business ma …

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    How to be a student of business

    Boston, winter 2012: As I crossed Boston Common on a cold, clear, sunny morning, I wondered what the next seven days would hold for me. I was in Boston at Harvard Business School to undertake a weeklong Executive Residence Course in Launching New Ventures. From hundreds of business courses all over the world that I had researched, this one was the one I most wanted to do and was willing to fly halfway around the world to attend. My never-ending pursuit of being a student of business continued. Being a business owner myself — as well as advising hundreds of business owners on how to grow and improve their businesses — means that I must …

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    5 smart ways to manage money for the self-employed or freelancer

    When you are self-employed or doing contract work as a freelancer, the flow of income is rarely steady and often in lump sums, followed by periods of drought. Without control, it can be a feast-to-famine experience as you indulge on receipt of a lump sum and then overload credit facilities later as you wait for the next payment. We all know the tradie with the amazing ute who has to borrow $2 from mates for pie! So how do you manage the cash flow and minimise your tax while building your business and your wealth? 1. Know your financial position Yes, I know this might seem like common sense, but many small business people do not have a t …

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