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Wednesday 16th April

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    Accountants’ input to drive the new ELS

    Our recent interview with the ATO’s Mark Jackson – Deputy Commissioner of Business Reporting and Registrations – revealed some pretty fine news for Australian accountants. The interview focused on the looming transition from the existing Electronic Lodgment System (ELS) to the shiny new Standard Business Reporting (SBR) framework. And while the ATO is expecting efficiency gains for small businesses, there are other, perhaps less obvious advantages for those in the accounting industry. In this excerpt from the interview, Mark talks about the opportunities for tax agents to provide input into how the SBR will be used: https: …

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    Is your business complying with MySuper?

    One of the biggest findings from our research is that a majority of small business owners worry about staying on top of compliance changes. I’d hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but I’ve got another one for you today. This may be old news for some, but the deadline to make sure your default superannuation fund is MySuper compliant has passed on 1st January 2014. What this means is that all business owners should be using a default superannuation fund that is a MySuper product. If the ATO finds out you haven’t done so, you may get the rough end of the stick. …

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    Revenue is vanity, cash flow is sanity

    If there was any truer phrase spoken in business, it has to be this: Revenue is sanity, cash flow is sanity Before we embarked on developing the MYOB PayDirect solution, we took a hard look at the numbers from our Business Monitor research. Time and time again, small business and start-up owners tell us that maintaining a healthy cash flow is one of the biggest pain points for them. …

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    Top 10 common GST mistakes in BAS reports

    Nowadays, keeping your books in order has never been easier when you use an online accounting software. Small business owners get to enjoy the flexibility of having their accounts online, and benefit from the time and money saved. With online accounting, preparing your own *BAS (business activity statement) is also easier. However, the ATO has identified a number of common mistakes found in the BAS reporting form. I personally would like to highlight the top 10 mistakes that I see regularly. …

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    9 easy SEO tasks you can do for $0

    Google has changed how they rank websites numerous times over the past few years. As soon as they announce a significant change in their algorithms, thousands of SEO “experts” try and cheat the system to get their client’s website higher in the rankings. Google then responds with further changes, and the cycle repeats itself. Given the constant shift of the goalposts, how is any business, big or small, supposed to deliver a concentrated SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy in any sort of meaningful way? Well, all is not lost because there are some basic, easy and free things you can do to make sure that your site gets to attr …

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    6 tips to start blogging

    Written by Businesses

    After winning the $10,000 business makeover grant* from MYOB last year, I was completely surprised when I was asked to share my thoughts on blogging. After all, I have only been blogging at Wholefood Simply for 12 months and still feel like I am muddling my way through. However, I have made countless mistakes and learnt valuable lessons along the way. I agreed to write this piece to share my lessons for anyone else new to the world of blogging. …

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