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    Episode 3: Beyond the traditional accountant-client relationship

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    18 months ago, Amanda Gascoigne was at a crossroad. Her accounting practice Gascoigne Consulting was about to celebrate its 15th year in business, and was growing from strength to strength. She had to make a decision: grow or consolidate. While growth made sense, Amanda had long held a dream to mentor startups – beyond the advice normally offered by accountants. So she closed the books, removed slow-paying clients, and consolidated. This would provide her the space to finally realise her dream.

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    Turning the Page

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                                                    You’re SO welcome! :)   We share many stories on this blog. It’s so nice when one has a happy ending!   Previously on Small Business Owner ... In June 2009, I described my struggle to avert the Yellow Pages juggernaut. Seems I wasn’t alone. We thrilled as Steve@Sensis kindly (and bravely) fielded our questions and illuminated the path to freedom. Despite a January 2010 false dawn (in which books arrived against my registered wish) I’m now officially off the list. I even have written proof of this joyous happenstance:   Happy Day This card arrived last week. It’s the best thing Sensis have ever sent me. I achieved a paperless state via this site: www.directoryselect.com.au It’s simple and elegant and it works much better than a phone call or email. I’ll have to do it all again in three years, but I’ll take the win for now.   Hip Hip ... So it’s hats off to Sensis. They listened to their public and took effective, positive action. Eventually. I no longer feel annoyed at this crowd due to one of their products. This frees me to enjoy other Sensis offerings, like WhereiS – which is very handy. What’s more, Sensis have just launched a Yellow Pages app. This excites me, as it provides even less reason to fell a forest each year. It also shows Sensis are more hip to the groove than I thought.   Lining Up? I believe future firms will live or die by this kind of flexibility. I also see this episode as another pointer to the demise of print publications. You may disagree, but when was the last time you held an encyclopaedia? It’s probably safer to say that businesses who go digital to keep pace with customer preferences are more likely to be around ten years hence. That includes us.   ... Hooray! I’m happy with this ending. I know others are too. Are you one of them, or not? Drop us a line! :)   Paul Hassing, Founder & Senior Writer, The Feisty Empire

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