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    What’s all this Cloud computing stuff about?

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    I was recently at a family BBQ enjoying a beer and a sausage in bread when I was asked the following: ‘Hey mate, you work in computers(sic), what’s all this cloud computing stuff about?’ Now, being the families resident ‘computer nerd’, I’m often asked computer related questions (either that or cartoon related questions). Usually the questions are along the lines of ‘should I buy a Mac’ or ‘why isn’t my email working’. Most can be fairly easily answered with a paint-by-numbers answer, but this one required a bit more effort. Effort that by the end of the conversation – which only ended because if we didn’t stop talking, all of my auntie’s awesome trifle would’ve been eaten without me getting any – still could’ve been delved into a lot more. This ‘cloud computing stuff’ question became a 45-minute discussion about a bunch of seemingly unrelated topics – business, computers, iPhones and iPads, MYOB, the Patriot Act, Russians; the list went on and on.

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