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    5 expenses that can sneak up on your business

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    During the transition from a one-person operation to what some might describe a ‘proper’ business, most businesses tend to go through a period of growing pains where expenses can blow out but revenue does not grow at the same rate. This can result in a drop in profitability. Many businesses never break through this barrier, and their owners remain frustrated, managing people and resources, working harder and harder, with little or nothing extra to show for their efforts.

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    Why lost luggage does not need to become baggage

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    A guy goes to an airline counter and checks in for his flight. He asks if one of his bags can be sent to Melbourne and the other one to Perth.  Definitely not, is the answer. “Why not,” he asks – “you did that for me last week”. Okay, so maybe it’s a joke, but it was not much of a laughing matter for me recently when I flew to Sydney and my luggage didn’t follow. While at dinner awaiting a call from the airline to see if they had located it, our waitress accidentally tipped an entire cabbage salad over me – soiling my only outfit.

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