love your work

A celebration of people who took the leap to do what they love

Joseph Haddad

Owner - Code Black

"We regularly travel to Columbia to meet and work with small, independent growers."

Narelle Hall

Partner - Boost Juice

"I saw this as a great opportunity to really take control of my life."

David Allen

Baker - Flinders Sourdough bakery

"We’re proud of our bread and we work hard to make it. So it’s great to meet and talk with people who love what we do."

Fab Sfameni

Barber - Uncle Rocco’s

"Always charge what you’re worth. And that applies to life as well as barbering."

Ivan Zarezkij

Chef - Iv’s Burritos

"Nobody in Melbourne was doing a really good Tex-Mex burrito."

Tony Wu

Tailor - Saibu no Akuma

"Interaction with our customers is key. We spend time with them, and share our vision with them."

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