All NEW MYOB AE Client Accounting

Save time and ensure practice-wide consistency

Join us on an all new Client Accounting journey. The recent addition of MYOB Workpapers to the suite means you have one practice-wide solution to prepare accurate and consistent workpapers. It has never been easier.

View short 40 second videos showing Workpapers in action in the 'Workpapers' tab below.

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Key Benefits:

    • Save time and enhance accuracy
    • Streamline your workflow
    • Get closer to a paperless practice
    • Ensure practice-wide consistency
    • Keep work flowing through your practice
    • Drive efficiency with easy delegation
    • Save time in future years
    • Access data when you need it
    • Get all the benefits of MYOB Statutory Reporter, Workpapers and much more.


A Common Ledger - What’s it all about?

It’s about building smarter connections with your clients. We’re making it even easier by providing new software solutions that work directly with your clients’ data located in the cloud – creating a Common Ledger between you and your clients

It’s made possible with two significant developments:

  • The next generation of MYOB AccountRight. In 2012, your clients using MYOB AccountRight will have the choice to add online services bringing together a rich desktop experience with online benefits including anywhere access, secure data back-up and so much more
  • New AE Client Accounting tools for accountants that access your clients’ AccountRight data directly from the cloud.  

We have just created the Common Ledger. It will eliminate time-wasting tasks including retrieving and rekeying data. Instead, you and your clients work from the same data source in real-time. It’s always available and it’s always up to date.

What will you do with the extra time? You might decide to offer valuable advisory services, take on additional clients or get the work/life balance you desire. 

Start Today

You don’t need to wait until 2012 to access the benefits of AE Client Accounting. The solution already works with client’s AccountRight data file located on your network or across the practice general ledger (MAS or Accounts). 

Acting now means you will streamline processes and enable you to embrace the Common Ledger in 2012. If your clients don’t immediately embrace the cloud benefits, you still enhance your practice processes with one set of applications for every job.

Start working smarter and get better results today.

AE Client Accounting makes it easier to connect with your clients. It is integrated within the AE suite based on the latest Microsoft technology. Representing excellent value, AE Client Accounting includes:

  • MAS or Accounts General Ledger
  • Statutory Reporter
  • Workpapers
  • Assets
  • Public Accountant Professional Partner Program

Eliminate the need to maintain a separate general ledger for your clients. Statutory Reporter is a component of the new MYOB AE Client Accounting solution.

Statutory Reporter creates financial statements directly from a client’s AccountRight data file. It’s designed to save you time on every job. Stop revising and start advising today.


Based on the data stored within the AccountRight file, Statutory Reporter allocates the majority of account codes and makes decisions on what notes to the account are appropriate. Any additional accounts are allocated quickly and easily using drag and drop.

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Formatting financial statements can take a long time. Statutory Reporter makes the process quick by allowing you to reorder reports in seconds and edit text on-screen. Common tasks such as page numbering, watermarks and insertion of logos are just a click away.

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The review process is fast and efficient with Statutory Reporter. Simply double click on any amount and see exactly what accounts make up the number. You can even reallocate accounts there and then.

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Because Statutory Reporter is part of the AE suite, information such as company directors and addresses flow into financial statements without the need to re-key. Storing final copies in PDF is a mouse click away when used with MYOB AE Document Manager.






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Like all MYOB accounting solutions, Workpapers is designed to make your business life easier.

View short 40 second videos showing Workpapers in action

Tight integration with MYOB Document Manager

Sending journals back to the client file

Seamless data access

Review and approve Workpapers

Preparing a new workpaper

With inbuilt industry standard templates, you’ll be assured of practice-wide consistency on every job. Plus, risk is reduced with online review and approval.

Accurate Data

Complete Workpapers with total consistency and accuracy by reading data from AE MAS or Accounts General Ledgers or pull data directly from your client’s AccountRight file.

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Reliable Starting Balances

Have total confidence in your starting balances by using the Opening Balance Review feature to identify differences between the AccountRight data file and your current general ledger.

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Enhanced Reporting

Generate accurate and relevant reports by easily adjust prior year comparatives from AccountRight without affecting the underlying AccountRight data, so client statutory reports come from correct prior year values.

Paperless Practice

Get closer to a paperless office with deep Document Manager integration linking source documents directly to Workpapers.

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Ensure practice-wide consistency by using pre-loaded industry standard Workpaper templates.

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk and have confidence with sophisticated security features meaning approved workpapers can’t be tampered with. Unlike spreadsheets, you can have confidence in the workpaper integrity for years. During preparation, audit trails track any status changes.

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Enhance Workflow

Keep work flowing through your practice with a review and approval process including visibility into workpapers that are approved, awaiting approval, or requiring rework.

Assets provides a fast, easy, and accurate way of creating and maintaining client asset records.

Easy-to-use and efficient

Assets makes it easy to manage your clients’ asset registers. You can access everything you need in an intuitive graphical interface so you can work effectively. All functions and assets are presented on the main screen, while simple forms and wizards guide you through common tasks like adding an asset register, adding new assets, selling an asset and the year-end process.

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Compliance, made easier

With Assets you’ll have software that’s designed to assist with your taxation reporting requirements, as well as your normal accounting needs. It keeps you up-to-date with current compliance requirements such as the ability to record assets into LVP or STS asset pools. It also handles the concepts under UCA (such as effective life depreciation) productively.

Detailed reporting

Assets comes with a host of reports to manage your asset register and provide tax and accounting information. Whether it’s periodic or annual asset reporting, you can filter and sort information to suit your needs.

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Assets include:

  • Detailed and summary taxation depreciation reports
  • Detailed and summary accounting depreciation reports
  • Capital Allowance Summary report - provides information for all AE Tax Capital Allowance Schedules
  • Additions and Disposals report
  • Asset Pool listing reports - LVP and STS
  • General Ledger Posting report
  • General Ledger Reconciliation report

Assets posts depreciation and asset disposals to the General Ledger accounts, so you don’t have to enter journals manually. It makes reporting more productive too. Reports include a GL Posting report that lists journal entries posted to the General Ledger and a General Ledger Reconciliation report that reconciles the asset register to the General Ledger.

Read the  Accountants Enterprise Assets Factsheet (PDF 889KB) .

If you already have AE ‘Accounts’ you can keep this as a general ledger. For new clients, you receive the AE MAS General Ledger as part of AE Client Accounting at no additional cost.


Easy-to-use and highly flexible, AE Client Accounting uses your existing GL data to produce compliant financial accounts and management reports in the format you want. With a fast and intuitive Report Writer, you can create reports that meet all your clients’ needs. Master reports are fully maintained in line with any ongoing statutory changes.

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BankLink integration 

AE Client Accounting also works with BankLink, so you receive clients’ bank transactions direct to your practice system – every month. Just imagine how much time and money you could save when producing client’s financial statements and BAS

Multi-ledger Reporting

Using a consistent, flexible chart of accounts you can manage and produce management reports from multi-ledgers quickly and easily – even if the ledgers are unrelated

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AE Client Accounting also comes with a host of time-saving features that allow you to handle all your client accounting work faster, easier and more accurately. It’s smart enough to link your clients with your practice, so you can transfer transaction details from their cashbook or accounting software directly into your system

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Become a partner

MYOB Connected Accounting Program

This program has been established to provide exclusive assistance to accountants in public practice in Australia.

You are eligible to become a Connected Accounting Practice if you are an accountant in public practice in Australia. 

Benefits of Membership

By joining this program you gain immediate and tangible benefits that provide you and your practice with exceptional business value. These include:

  1. Access to the full suite of legacy MYOB SME software - Ensures you can comfortably service all of your business clients.
  2. The ability to reduce your Practice Solutions software maintenance fees for 5 years by 10% of the value of the product your client purchases when using the MYOB Referral Portal.
  3. An MYOB AccountRight subscription for a single online company file for you to run your practice.
  4. Access to the online Partner Resource Centre, with loads of training and communication materials for your staff and clients.
  5. Free training in the products your clients use - including the AccountRight for Accountants series and AccountRight Year End Processing (subject to availability).
  6. Priority telephone support - get support for your MYOB business management software with priority access to the MYOB team on 1300 555 117.
  7. Software upgrades - your MYOB software is always upgraded to the latest version - so you can always work with your clients' information.
  8. Regular communications - communications exclusively for members containing valuable technical, services, and product information including software tips and techniques to keep you and your clients up-to-date.
  9. Reseller status - as an MYOB Connected Accounting Practice, you’re automatically qualified as an MYOB Reseller. You can choose to sell MYOB software to your clients at wholesale prices or receive a rebate on your MYOB Practice Solutions maintenance fee.

Membership Fee

There is a monthly fee of $72.23 incl. GST to be a Connected Accounting Practice.

Your ongoing subscription will be billed monthly, via direct debit from your credit card or bank account.

Information, benefits and pricing shown on this page are subject to change without notice.

Terms and Conditions

Please read our Connected Accounting Practice Terms and Conditions and our Reseller Terms and Conditions.

Apply now

Apply here for program membership. If you want to find out more call 1300 555 117 between 9am & 5 pm Mon-Fri (Melbourne time).

Outside of these hours please complete this Find Out More form and we will send you further information on the program.


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System requirements

Find out more about the minimum system requirements for AE Client Accounting.

Want to take AE Client Accounting further?

AE Client Accounting also works as a fully integrated module of MYOB Accountants Enterprise. Other integrated modules include:


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