MYOB LiveAccounts Advisor

MYOB LiveAccounts streamlines the way you work with your clients. Start today. It's easy and it's free

MYOB LiveAccounts allows you to work effectively with your smaller business clients by giving you access to their accounts online. To use LiveAccounts with your clients you need to become a LiveAccounts Advisor.

Becoming a LiveAccounts Advisor is free and you will receive:


Greater accuracy

A key feature of LiveAccounts is the ability for clients to link their business bank accounts to the system. After linking their bank accounts or credit cards to LiveAccounts, your clients' transactions are securely transferred into the system, and where recognised, matched and coded. This saves your clients heaps of time and results in you both working with more accurate data.

Keeping it simple

You want your clients to succeed. LiveAccounts helps by keeping the accounting simple, so they can focus on the big stuff – like running their business. On a Mac or PC, it's easy to use, includes unlimited support and requires no installs, updates or backups – we take care of all that.

Integration to your MYOB system

Just like the rest of the MYOB business software range, LiveAccounts integrates with the MYOB Accountants Office and Accountants Enterprise systems.

Using LiveAccounts with your clients

As an accountant, consultant or bookkeeper, you'll be able to manage your LiveAccounts clients using the LiveAccounts Admin Centre. The Admin Centre lists all your LiveAccounts clients, lets you create a LiveAccounts ledger before handing it over to a client and more. Best of all, becoming a LiveAccounts Advisor and registering to use the LiveAccounts Admin Centre is easy and FREE.

Getting started

To start using LiveAccounts with your clients all you need to do is register to become a LiveAccounts Advisor. It's free and gives you access to your own LiveAccounts Admin Centre.

Once you register, access a range of materials to help promote LiveAccounts to your clients. These materials include seminar-style presentations to explain the benefits of LiveAccounts with your team through to sample emails and flyers to send to your clients introducing them to LiveAccounts.

Become a LiveAccounts Advisor now.

Need Help?

If you have a question or need assistance, contact the LiveAccounts support team.