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M-Powered Payments

Smart and secure service to pay your bills without writing cheques or entering details into banking software or websites.

  • Ideal if you...

  • Are looking to pay bills direct from your software

  • Want to reduce data entry

  • Need to cut down admin costs

  • Inform suppliers when you've paid


Take care of all your bills in seconds

Why enter your data twice – once in your MYOB software, and again with your bank? M-Powered Payments lets you enter a bill into your software, click a button and send the payment directly to your supplier. No exporting the payment information to your bank software or writing cheques and you can stop stocking up on stamps!

“M-Powered Payments is a solution that has eliminated a number of time-consuming steps in the payment process”. - McGree Earth Moving

View compatibility with MYOB software.


Keep your cash flow flowing

M-Powered Payments handy scheduling function means you’ll always have control over your cash flow. Whether you pay on the day or schedule transactions up to 45 days in advance, you’ll be able to hold onto your money as long as possible.

Remittance advice, sorted

You’ve made a payment, but how will your supplier know what you’ve paid for? M-Powered Payments lets you send remittance advice by fax or email with each payment you make. So you have more time to do business and less time chasing paper.

Safe and secure

With M-Powered Payments, you’ll always have total control over your payments. All payments must be authorised by you (or a nominated colleague) before we process them. Payments are distributed in line with a rigorous security protocol – giving you peace of mind that all your data is protected at the highest level.

Important information about M-Powered Payments

The advice on this website has been prepared as a guide only. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDF 225KB) for M-Powered Services before applying for M-Powered Payments.

Find out more

To find out more, you can request a phone call, read the M-Powered Payments Fact Sheet (PDF 98KB) or read our frequently asked questions.