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An economical, secure payment system that offers lightning-fast transaction processing via your broadband connection.

  • $25 per month
  • Ideal if you...

  • Run a retail or hospitality business

  • Want fast sales processing

  • Want to eliminate keying errors

  • Require the highest security standards

  • Need advanced inventory management and reporting?

    Try MYOB RetailManager



EFTPOS that works the way you do

MYOB EFTPOS processes your customers’ credit and debit card transactions in seconds. Simple and efficient, it’s the EFTPOS system you’ll love to use. Here’s something else you’ll love - the terminal rental for MYOB EFTPOS is just $25 per month for the desktop model and $35 per month for the mobile model.  Merchant service fees are as low as 0.90% and the PIN-based EFTPOS transaction fees are just 30 cents per transaction*.

Compatible with all MYOB software

MYOB EFTPOS integrates completely with MYOB RetailManager v11 and above - so processing a sale couldn’t be easier.  You don’t have to re-key sales amounts into the terminal and you only have to print one receipt from your existing printer. How’s that for streamlined?


And if you’re not using RetailManager in your business yet, don’t worry.  MYOB EFTPOS works perfectly well in  standalone mode with MYOB AccountRight or any other MYOB software package. 

Connect to your network and you’re away

MYOB EFTPOS operates over a broadband internet connection so you never need to pay for a dedicated phone line again. The desktop terminal plugs directly into a network port, router, or switch. The mobile terminal can connect to your wireless network or to a GPRS network provider.  That’s all there is to it. We’ll even provide you with technical support if you need it.

Fast, efficient transactions

MYOB EFTPOS is a life-saver when you have a queue a mile long because it’s lightning fast. There’s no need to dial-up a financial institution, so you can process a sale and take the payment in less than 4 seconds.

Take payments on the go

There’s also a fully-featured portable hand-held version of the terminal – for when you need to process transactions on the move. It’s light, compact, and requires no cables – connecting to the internet using either a wireless or GPRS network.
There are many situations where portable terminals are useful:

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Trade shows
  • Promotional events
  • Busy trading periods
  • Anywhere your customers are!

No strings attached

With MYOB EFTPOS there’s no lock in contact, no establishment fees or cancellation fees. It’s just another way to make your business life easier. How does your current EFTPOS provider compare?

Meets the highest security standards

MYOB EFTPOS supports chip and PIN and uses military-grade encryption to secure all transactions. It also complies with Visa and MasterCard Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Improve your cash flow

With MYOB EFTPOS, cleared funds are paid into the nominated bank account the next banking day so there’s no need to change your existing banking relationship.

All the reports you need

Reconciling your till balances is a breeze with online and real-time transaction reporting 24/7.

Download the  MYOB EFTPOS application form (PDF 1.3 MB)

*All prices and rates quoted are GST exclusive. As merchant service fees can vary, this advice has been prepared as a guide only. Please note that international card transactions incur an additional 0.40% Visa and MasterCard International Service Assessment Fee. MYOB EFTPOS is powered by Tyro Payments. Availability is subject to approval and terms and conditions apply. If you’re interested, please read the application form before applying for MYOB EFTPOS